It's been awhile since I last wrote something. I failed miserably to continue blogging. Life was challenging yet amazing after I transferred to the States to a 'Ivy League' public school called University of Michigan. Go Blue! I met many amazing people from all walks of life and did many things that I have not done before. There were also times when I felt like giving up on certain things but I continued to persevere. I believe I will not regret at all coming to the States. Let me tell you why. Coming to the States alone was truly an eye opener for me. I learned to be more independent, learned to make decisions on my own, learned to motivate myself, learned to interact with people, learned to care for people and the list goes on. To me, it was a journey to self-discovery.

So right now I am living in North Quad. I can't deny that it is the best dorm on campus. It looks like a hotel more than a dorm. The dining hall food is amazing and the location is awesome for people who has classes on central. All my classes are reachable by walking for only 15 minutes. One thing I love about North Quad is the people here who came from more than 30 countries in the world. How amazing can it be? I met people from all around the globe here as I participated in the Global Scholars Program. We have collaborative groups that meet once a week to participate in discussions regarding any issues that are happening in the world around us. This is my collaborative group we call ourselves the Fruits of Yggdrasil.

My faith life grew so much stronger here in the States. I was introduced to a church called HMCC and was soon enjoying the life group I was placed in. It's called LOJOPEAPAKIGOOFAGESE. It's an acronym for the Fruits of The Spirit namely LOve, JOy, PEAce, PAtience, KIndness, GOOdness, FAithfulness, Gentleness and SElf control. We are the biggest in Global Access and all the people here are so passionate about God. Somehow I am not too sure how when we are all different in thinking, appearance, culture, background, attitude, yet we manage to come together to share our life stories, testimonies, hardships, happy moments, sad moments, joy, frustrations, fears, temptations and etc with one another. I believe it is all God's grace. Here's LOJOPEAPAKIGOOFAGESE!


One more thing I am really grateful for was to be able to watch my first American football game at one of the biggest football stadium in the States called The Big House on my birthday. I was overwhelmed by how crazy and supportive Wolverines were in a football game. Clad in Maize and Blue shirts, students and families crowded the stadium to cheer for our very own Wolverine football team. During the game, I learned to sing and dance to our song, The Victors and also to cheer for our football team. It was truly an amazing experience at the stadium although I don't know much about American football.

Fall is coming really soon as the weather gets colder day after day. The leaves on trees might just turn brown/red/orange/yellow overnight. Oh, I love the most colorful season in the year! I am really blessed to experience four different kinds of seasons here in the States.