My last hurdle for the year - Final Examinations. Am I mentally and physically prepared?

It's that time of the year again, students camp at libraries with sleeping bags and pajamas, treating the 24-hour libraries as their homes. Meals and snacks are eaten on study desks, teeth are brushed in bathrooms, futons and sofas are treated as beds.

There's this saying that goes: "Sleep is for the dead" during exam weeks. Well, I can't really comprehend that. I can never take an exam the following day without at least 6 hours of sleep. I need my beauty sleep!

More papers, more assignments, more projects all piled up during the final week. It seemed to me that my professors timed themselves really well to push all of the unfinished work to us at the very last minute.

Well, on the bright side, it's just three more weeks on the battlefield for me, then it's freedom - like a bird flying out of its cage.

I can't wait to see my family again during Winter break. And this time, we are heading to Florida, Disney World. Although I have been to this place when I was younger, I could not recall a single piece of memory. I only had memories from pictures taken and stories told by my parents.

Mickey and Minnie Dazzle in costumes
Mickey and Minnie Dazzle in costumes

Before immersing myself further into the land of fairy tales where people live happily ever after, I should come back to reality and focus on my studies.

YOU CAN DO THIS KELI! Let's chiong! #StudyModeOn