Do you talk to yourself? If yes, what do you usually talk to yourself about? When you look into the mirror and see yourself, what do you say? If you haven't been paying close attention to your self-talk, I encourage you to listen to what you say to yourself.

Are the words you use positive or negative? 

What you say when you talk to yourself will have an impact on how you feel and your emotions. Your self-talk could either boost you up or bring you down.

Unfortunately, for most people, we are programmed to use negative words when we talk to ourselves. It's often harsh and self-defeating. The negativity of our words could destroy our hopes and our dreams.

A group of individuals who practices self-talk a lot are athletes. They use positive self-talk to program themselves mentally before a game or a competition. Successful athletes know how to avoid negative self-talk.


How to develop better self-talk?

Listen closely to what you say each day. You have to be conscious of what you talk to yourself. Each time you say something negative, remove that word from your vocabulary. You want to replace those with words that will help you to move forward. Use words that will transform how you feel.

I used to use words like:

"I can't do it." or "I'm not good enough." 

After learning how to use positive, self-talk. I told myself: You know what, those words are out of my vocabulary. 

I replaced those words with:

"I can do it." or "I'm capable of doing anything I put my mind to do." 

And that really transformed how I make decisions and take actions that will bring me forward in life.

Practice positive self-talk today! Let your life be filled with hope, optimism and joy!