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Bye Bye 2011

2011 has been a rough year for me. A big transition from high school to college. However, I had a really great year in college. I can proudly say that I survived my first year in college. Although there were tough times, I managed to pull myself together and give my best shot. First of all, I could not be happier that I made the right decision to enroll in ADP at Taylor's University. ADP at Taylor's University has definitively opened my eyes to the American System. Being in the Malaysian System for 11 years, adapting to the American System has been a great challenge for me. None the less, I succeeded in everything. PRAISE THE LORD! :D
I made really amazing and awesome friends during my first year at ADP. The first day of orientation was still vivid in my memory. I was quite afraid to make new friends. But people came up and talked to me. The first two I talked to were Lisa and Sue Quen, both were Business Majors.

The next friend, Klothilda. Also an Applied Science Major. (Immediately after she introduced her major, my heart was smiling, finally a first friend with the same major as me :D) I think for the whole 3 semesters, my courses were exactly the same as hers. We had classes together for almost all the 3 semesters. Lab partners together too! I didn't know I was friends with her since April 2008 on Facebook?! She is determined in everything she does. Always pushing herself to strive further. Never once had given up in anything. That is one part I admired the most.

Her Bday :)

Next, I met Brenda, Shea Wen and Cheryl. They were all different and unique individuals. They carry a friendly and bubbly aura around them. Brenda and Cheryl are in Liberal Arts Major whereas Shea Wen is an Actuarial Science Major.

Brenda is a sweet and funny girl. Do not underestimate her! She plays Basketball and is good in it. Shea Wen is good in sports. Volleyball, Basketball, name it all. Cheryl has a really beautiful voice. She can sing and melt the audience!

Prom pic eh?

They were all the first few friends I made in ADP on the days of orientation! :) On the first day of classes: English Class: Wen Tze is a super cute girl! Very cheerful and hyper all the time. Applied Science Major too! She loves animals a lot too! She is there to always help me out! Did Nutrition group project with her. Glad to be her partner! She loves to share her food with us too. Food Lover! Gonna miss your cuteness!

Westlife !
Ee Minh is a sweet girl too. Her Mandarin is yi liu! Anything I needed translation, she's the person to find! Yee Ling is a nice person to talk too. She will listen to whatever you tell her. A good listener. Patrick, our group leader for English essay. He is definitely leader material. I got a lot to learn from him. He is really good in public speaking too.

I had the best group ever in ENGLISH 101! :D Proud to be in that group.

My English Class

Liyana. A loud girl who's really good in English. She loves writing stories. Her public speaking is really good. Highest presentation marks in our class. Best story teller I ever met!

Christine. She has good English too. Really funny at times. She is a girl who will always strive for excellence too. A natural born leader. Ran for student council president.

Joel and Eng Hock. Math geniuses. Great buddies!

Nutrition class: May Gee is a nice girl to hang out with. She is always there to help me during hard times. Loves shopping! Her reaction when she sees something she loves is real cute! :) Sometimes is good to let go of the past yeah girl! :) 

You reminded me of this! :D heheh
May Gee the girl with the No. 9 heart on her shoulder.

Jason Yee. First impression: Funky guy. The colors on him make him stand out. He will go everywhere with his PAUL FRANK. I will always remember him as the PAUL FRANK guy. He is a really nice person to talk too. A trendsetter for words like Loohor, Niama, How you know? Such a way! :)

Future Nutritionist eh?

I see Paul Frank, I see Jason Yee! :)

Timothy. His English vocabulary is flowery man! He reads a lot. The most knowledgeable person I met so far.  Good in Sciences. Very random guy too. 
Calculus 1: Mr. Pu's class!
Ah Beng: I used to call him Jet last time. He is a funny guy with the Ah Beng's accent. 
His Birthday!
Girl on the left! :)

Avelyn: Vet wannabe! She's an amazing friend who likes to joke around. Seldom talk to her nowadays :'(

Prom night.

Vivian Siow: She's a sweet girl who likes being herself all the time. At times she can go super hyper and crazy! But we all love her that way :)

Second from the left!

Leon Lim: I can't really remember how I got to know you. I think Ah Beng and Klothilda introduced me to you. He changed his hair style now to a rebonded one. He is a nice guy to talk to! :)

Weng you!
Weng You: I really don't know how we met. I think from some photoshoot for the ADP magazine. If I'm not mistaken I know you from Wen Tze. You are seriously hyper all the time. Super brainy and plays DOTA like crazy! 
Second Semester: 
Klothilda introduced me to Roxanne and the gang!  
Roxanne on the left! :)

Roxanne: She's a super friendly girl! A really nice person to talk to. Good in squash from what I heard. (State player!)  Popular among the ADPians. Got awarded for prom queen! :D

Emma the Great (his twitter name)
Emmanuel: Funny guy with a little Chinese accent! I realized you like to cross your hands when you carry your stuff.
Chee Jen! Future Engineer eh? :) 

Chee Jen: Everyone says he looks like Taylor Lautner. Well maybe a bit la. Always flirting with girls ahhaah. Calls himself friendly wor. Best known catchphrase: Hit you arr!

Super smart guy wearing blue checkered shirt.
Jason Wee: I first thought you were very quiet. After getting to know you. You are not at all. Future engineer also. 
Tall girl on the left! :)

Charmaine Chan: Nice girl who loves colorful kid stuff! :) Loves Nyan Cat! Super smart girl too.

Matthew! :)
Matthew Chin: I don't remember how I got to know you too. I think through Leon. You looked way matured for your age. Surprised me sometimes of what you are capable of doing. 
Jimmy! :)
 Meng Jimmy: Forever alone guy. LOL. Maths genius man. Great working with you for Malaysian Studies video.




Jason Wong!

Jason Wong: He is a super cool guy. Good in Math. Funny at times! :) Blind man wannabe!

Justin Yee!

Justin: Our former Be_ADP president. It's so nice working with him. Very lame at times. Never fail to make a smile on everyone's faces. I still remember the nickname you gave me. Kelimator. hahah! :D Hope you are enjoying yourself in Canada.

Adeline! :D

Adeline Yew: Finally someone with the same surname as me! YEW! She's a really sweet and friendly girl. :) Best IPC group partner!

Alyssa Ng and Carolyn

Alyssa Ng: She loves God a lot! :) I admire her faith life a lot. Good leader. 
Carolyn: She's a really friendly girl who loves to smile a lot! Had an amazing time in IPC with her. 
Nigel Pixie! :)
Nigel: He is a really cool guy with a unique personality. Had fun working with him in Be_ADP as well. Great ideas and great team working skills.  

Anna Tan (Middle)

Anna: She is super loud and friendly. A good socializer! She plays a lot of online games too and is good in them!

Kai Lin (Middle) 

Kai Lin: She is super nice and friendly. Always having a positive aura around her. :) 

Eugene (Upper right)

Eugene Goh: I seriously did not know him at all till the 3rd semester when he organized the Faisal Cup and ADP Cup. He is amazing in everything he does. Your advices were helpful. We ADP-ians would never ever forget you, boss!

Suffian the one in green! :)
Suffian: He is a really friendly and helpful person. Helped me a lot for university applications. I have to thank you for everything. Take good care my friend in Ann Arbor, MI. Wishing you all the best! :) 
Juinn How! bottom 3rd from left
Jhow: He is a really friendly guy. Always helping others. :) Glad to work with him during the Halloween night!
And to all the other amazing fellow ADPians I did not mention in this post. You guys brought colors to my college life. I thank God for bringing you guys in my life :)