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Westlife Gravity Tour 2011

Westlife fever after their concert at Bukit Jalil Indoor Stadium on the 7th of October. I had the best first experience in a concert with ADPians. Crowd was big and everyone was super duper hyper before the concert. Screaming and shouting in front of cameras. Roxanne, Maygee, Matt and Jingle went there earlier to queue up around 3 something whereas the rest Yee, Charmaine, Wen Tze, Leon and me came later after our classes. Who ever say it would take an hour drive from campus? That day we took only half an hour to reach the place. From 4 pm, we waited in queue outside until 6.30 pm. Played Monopoly Deal, cam-whored and eat!

Around 6.30 pm, the queue suddenly compressed when everyone was trying to push their way in to grab the best seats. Security guards were checking our bags before we enter. I'm lucky enough to get away with my glowsticks :) Even water tumblers were prohibited items to bring in -.- Somebody should have told me earlier!

Showing off our tickets :)
The whole gang of us
While waiting for the concert to start

Inside the stadium, we kept re-watching the same advertisement again and again while waiting for it to start. At last, at 9.30pm, it only started. Shouts and screams could be heard throughout the stadium when the lights went off and our glow sticks came glowing. The band started off playing and from the back stage came Nicky, Kian, Mark and Shane. The whole concert was awesome. Love the lighting the most. The boys were very interactive on stage.

My favorite part is when they sang "You Raise Me Up" where they asked all of us to switch on our hand phone lights and wave our phones in the air. The lights were like small twinkling stars in the audience.

One lucky girl had the best moment of her life. Her boyfriend proposed to her on stage after the Westlife sang "My Love". He was so sweet.

 After concert fever

After the concert, we waited outside till quite late for the traffic of cars to clear. They were giving out FREE Westlife posters after that. All of us rushed to get one :) Went back to campus and celebrated Jingle's birthday. She turned 16 :) HAPPY BIRTHDAY Jinggle! Tired to the max and slept for 10 hours.