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Phuket And Its Beautiful Island

What we did at Phuket during school break. It was a great trip with great company.
On air

We dumped our luggage at Central Ashlee Hotel and headed off for breakfast nearby. 
Peace yo! :)

Then off we went to visit the Jungceylon Mall. The biggest in Patung area. 
At Starbucks

After chilling at Starbucks for an hour, we walked back to our hotel to check-in. OMG free rooms for us. Thanks to my dad who knows the owner of the hotel :) 

414646_10150516916019053_804287884_o Enjoying herself on the bed already!

336285_10150516919434053_466156618_o :P

341381_10150516925699053_1487678059_o Taking more pictures

We then chill again at the hotel. Played Cho Dai Di. Klothilda first time learning. We forced her to play! :)

211006_10150516928924053_678634191_oTrying out the gym at the hotel

We got so bored and decided to go swimming at the rooftop pool! :) 

332251_10150516959479053_1986193411_o Why you so scared of water? :(

At night, we walked along Patung Beach to search for seafood restaurants. And we found Patung Seafood Restaurant. Good food over there. :) 

330298_10150516965194053_415455601_o Are you ready to eat? Cause I'm starving!

333899_10150516969429053_1241281987_o I'm drinking COCONUT.

415291_10150516974969053_2091728319_o When our stomachs are filled :)

Then off we go to Bangla Road where all the clubs were. 

210941_10150516985044053_449580757_o Taking pictures in front of clubs :O


Day 2: Patung Beach
We dared each other to dress like the norm. Wearing just swim suits and walking on the streets. All of us did except for Emmanuel -.- Spoiler la
Infront of Hard Rock Cafe somemore :)


On the beach! :)
Laying on the sand. SUN BATHING!
Having FUN in the sea :)
After spending the whole morning at the beach. We went for lunch. Starving like mad. Ate Thai food! Delicious Green Curry and Satay! :)
Phuket is also famous for their Thai Boxing called Muay Tai. So we booked tickets to watch boxing for that night.
Future boxer eh? :)
Day 3: Boat Trip to Phi Phi Island

It was a guided tour with a big group of people. We visited a few islands and went snorkeling. We didn't manage to see any corals. They were all dead I believe. :(

At the port!
They buried me :O RIP
After this, we headed to a cave that produced bird's nest.
336699_10150518212209053_1706164484_o 415134_10150518211954053_1376426905_o
416686_10150518216744053_1618364651_o 336257_10150518213929053_1604436804_o
Snorkeling :P
I'm printed on a plate :)
It was an exhausting day for us. But we still went out for a good dinner :)
Day 4: Lunch and back home
We finally took a tuk-tuk
We had lunch at a Thai Restaurant again.
Our last Thai lunch was at Jungceylon Shopping Centre before we fly back home to Malaysia.
It was an amazing trip with awesome friends. :)



SINGAPORE! Don't you remember?

I like to move it move it~!

Known for its name-Kiasu Land, Singapore is a must-visit place. I spent 5 days in Singapore with a bunch of crazy and hyperactive kids (college kids :p) . They made the whole trip awesome! (Y)

From left to right: Matthew Chin, Leon Lim, Kok Zheng, Jason Yee, Chee Jen, Ang Roxanne, Vivian Siow, May Gee and Charmaine Chan. Eh? Why Beng not in one? Nevermind you will see him later :)

Departed from KLIA to Changi Airport. From Changi, we took a train to our beautiful hostel called THE FIVESTONES HOSTEL. I highly recommend everyone to stay at this place. It's clean, comfortable, free Wifi, have Wii game console, 2 sets of computer and books. Besides that, it's near to all the places we wanted to go. We chilled and rested at this hostel before going out for lunch.

Buying ice cream bread at China Town :)
Look at the Chinese sausages at the back!
Sitting on the floor of the train station :O
Posing at The Speaker's Corner (Don't ask me why the place call Speaker's Corner!)

From the hostel we walked to the food street. Quite a distant walk but good exercise yo!
Night time at Singapore (cheh looks the same as Malaysia)
Ordered Char Kuay Teow from this stall. GOOOD (Y) Nom.nom.nom

After eat full full. We were headed back to the hostel for a good's night rest. 


Day 2: Universal Studios 
We were very lucky. Not much crowd as we went on a working day. 
395304_10150498867654053_1932603964_n See not many people. Told ya! :) 
The Colorful Merlion (Only found in Singapore's Universal Studios!)
Map of the World! (I wish!) NAH. Just kidding. Map of Universal Studios :)

First Attraction: Behind the scenes of Universal Studio. Must go! The effects will BLOW your mind! 
On fire wor o_O

Second Attraction: Transformers 3D ride. Super must go! BEST ride in Universal Studios. (For me la) The effects will make you wonder in awe!


Bumblebee what you doing in Singapore? :O


Put on your 3D glasses before you enter! o_O upside down.

Third Attraction: The UN-SPINABLE tea cup LOL. So do not expect that you can turn the wheel!
But still very fun la. Look at their faces! WHEEE :)

Fourth Attraction: Roller coasters. There were 2. Both equally good :D Remember to POSE for the cameras yeah! :D Tip: Show the same pose throughout the ride. Sure kena captured. 



Fifth attraction: Forgot the name. Some water show la. If you are scared of Gun sounds and water. Don't sit at the front! But I highly recommend you to go even if you are scared. It's worth the experience :)
Turkey Leg!

335344_10150498915979053_1091235607_o Like a pro!

338151_10150498918774053_1693679720_o Let me tell you a story! Once upon a time, there is a land far far away. 11 brave and courageous kids went on a journey and conquered the Land Far far Away! THE END. :)

322717_10150498919289053_1902650937_o On the way, we spotted a new soldier! :O

All the different expressionss :O
King of the frog? 
Life size statue :O 
Who's HAT is the COOLEST? :) 
Best car models from Taylor's ADP, Malaysia! 
Day 3: A visit to the Science Centre, shopping and drinking 
I can't post much pictures here. If not after you see pictures don't even need to go. Don't sad I will give SNEAK PEAK specially for you only. 
3D or 2D? Guess guess!
Can you make all the nails stand? :) 
Spot the similarity. Answer: All wearing jeans! 
Jason Yee
Vivian Siow
Beng and Jason Yee
Charmaine and Chee Jen
Vivian Siow and May Gee
Charmaine and Leon
Day 4: Shopping and shopping and walking 
Spot the Paul Franks! :) 
Met up with Wen Tze :) 
We Are Family! 
After dinner, we went walk walk at Marina Bay. 
Night time at Marina Bay 
Vivian's signature "WHAT?" pose! :) 
Off we fly back to Malaysia
A good week spent with the ADP-ians! :) See you guys when school reopens! 



Dubai. An expensive place.

Many of us have the dream of visiting Dubai, I'm not too sure why either. Maybe cause it is a modern and beautiful city. Everything over there is over-priced! Dubai is a BIG contrast from Egypt. Everything here is clean and modern with skyscrapers and man-made desert, beach, snow and etc. I had the experience of a lifetime here. Worth visiting at least once. To sum up my trip to Dubai. =)

  • Went to Ferrari World in Abu Dhabi. Sat the World’s FASTEST roller coaster and drove a Ferrari car!
  • Went to the World’s LARGEST mall, Dubai Mall. (Took me an hour to walk from one end to another end!)
  • Saw the World’s BIGGEST water fountain. (the lightings were pretty!)
  • Climbed the World’s TALLEST building, Burj Khalifah and recorded the sunset.
  • First time camping in the desert! (Celebrated a poor Christmas as a nomad)
  • Went to a 7 star hotel, Atlantis for the waterpark. ( The hotel located on an island with the shape of a palm tree)
  • Went dune bashing, camel riding and sand skiing!

First day: Ferrari World in Abu Dhabi!

Uses G Force to shoot you up in the sky!


On a roller coaster


Bro driving a Ferrari
Awesome show on acrobatics!
One of the 3D rides
I drove a Ferrari WHAHAHA




Dubai Mall!


World's Tallest Building - Burj Khalifah!



Blury :O
Day 2: The climb
Look at the view from above :)


This was earlier before sunset
Top of the building. There's a hotel up there.


Day 3: Gold market and Camping in dessert

Dune bashing with this vehicle!



Hand art


Memory jars


Our tent for the night


Camping Area looks authentic


Fire place


Last Day: Went to Atlantis waterpark and played with the dolphins. :D

Nice painting of the ceiling


Atlantis as the backdrop. A bit dark tho.

It's time to go back home. SEE YOU NEXT TIME DUBAI. :)



Egypt: The Cradle of Civilization

A total of 8 days spent abroad with 2 days spent on the airplane. The other 3 days were spent in Egypt and last 3 days in Dubai. 
Egypt, a place where world civilization started. 
After spending 7 hours on EgyptAir, we safely arrived Cairo. The time difference between Malaysia and Egypt is about 6 hours. Lucky no jet lag for me. :) 
For this Egypt trip, we went as a mini tour group. Our tour guide was awesome and experienced. He studied 4 years of Egyptology. No wonder he knows the whole of Egypt in and out. We traveled in a mini van to our hotel named, Mercure Cairo Le Sphinx. 
The toilet
The Bedroom

Our first stop is to the Egypt Museum. I only took pictures outside the museum as cameras were not allowed inside the museum. Inside the museum, we saw many artifacts, monuments, coffins of the Pharoahs and Cleopatras.

Exterior of the Museum
Broken nose :O

After the museum, we passed by Tahrir Square. They were having a demonstration at that time. So scary :O

Tahrir Square

Next stop, LUNCH! :)

Their famous nan bread




Chicken chop

After our meal, we headed over to the Pyramids, the main attraction for coming to Egypt. How can one visit Egypt without visiting the Pyramids? All the Pyramids have a history that dates back 2000 years ago.

Ticket into the great Pyramids
On the pyramid itself
Camel riding
After the Pyramids, we visited the perfume and papyrus factory outlets. In the perfume shop, they gave us free samples of different perfumes. And we also got special permission to watch glass blowing! :D
Glass blowing
Papyrus making

After dinner, we came back to the Great Pyramids to watch the sound and light show. It was super duper cold and windy during the night time in Egypt. 



Light and Sound show

On the second day, we visited Egypt's famous mosque.

Bro dressing up as a Pharoah
This is the biggest mosque in Cairo
Interior of the mosque

Apparently, the mosque has a dome-shaped roof because during ancient times, they did not have microphones. Dome-shaped roofs help to concentrate the voices of the father. 

Next, we visited the churches of the Cryptic Christians. The first church was Abu Serga church where this church received the Holy Family 2000 years ago. I think It was my first time taking pictures inside the church.

The route of Jesus and his family had taken to come to Egypt :)


Posing inside the church. First time taking pictures in a church


Entrance of the church
After a lunch buffet, the tour guide brought us to the souk area to bargain cheap souvenirs. I bought a few souvenirs over there. You have to seriously bargain with them for cheap stuff. Pretend you want to walk away if the price is too high. Trust me they will call you back :)
At night, we cruised the Nile river. The buffet on the ship was so-so only. The belly dance and spinning man were fantasti.


Belly dancing


Spinning man ( he could spin crazily for more than 5 mins!)
On the third day aka the final day in Egypt. We visited another church by the river. It's a really unique church. First time going to a church by boat! :O And it's not a normal boat, it moves by the wind. It is not operated by the engine you see on motorized boats.
Look at the big sail up there! :D
Interior of the church

Finally, we also visited the Pharaonic Village. It is good if you are studying for an exam of Ancient Egypt. A great place to visit for a memory refresher for your exam!

Bro bought a Papyrus boat!
Rich man's car!
making fire with just a stick :O


How they buried the mummy. Just for show. Not a real set!


BOOO mummy!


Ideas on how they built their pyramids.

However until today, how Ancient Pharoahs' build their Pyramids is not known.

 October War to regain Sinai!
After this, we were headed to the airport to catch a plane to Dubai. On our way, our tour guide showed us the big contrast between the rich and the poor in Egypt. 




Taiwan Vacation Day 4

Leofoo Themepark (The best in Taiwan I think) Spent a day here.


So empty right?


Hello Monkey!


Eaten by crocodile!
















Look at the loop!
Plunge down from 10 meters!


some space shot


Roller coaster i think



Family tree! :)


Best ride! :D


I love water rides!



Taiwan Vacation Day 3

Day 3:

Visited Taipei Zoo! It's World class. :)
On the way to the zoo


 Entrance of the Zoo
 Map of the Zoo
 It was hot and raining -.-
 The pandas are shoo cute!
Visiting the Pandas
 Kiss kiss
 Say HI
 Land of Pandas!
 My brother and panda
People said they go to Taipei Zoo for the pandas. But I say it's a waste of time. We went in and only see 2 pandas at that time. And all of them were sleeping -.- What a waste of time going in! 
Next stop: Nocturnal House. The photos taken were not so clear as it's dark inside and no flash is allowed. Not many photos cause it's too dark.
 Front view of the Owl.
Some kind of rabbit
Squirrel i think
 Owl again
Guinea pig. Cute right? :)
2 blind mice?
Sword fish!
It's bright and sunny again. My eyes needed quite some while to be adjusted after spending an hour in the dark.
Malayan Tapir!
Posing like other animals
Black and white stripes butt. Can you guess?
 Don't eat me!
Used to have a problem spelling this word. :)
 Can you spot the monkey?
 King Fisher
Bear sleeping
Another bear
After walking for 2 hours under the Sun. Time to go in the Igloo for some chilled air! :) Penguins are so cute. We walked from the exit to the entrance. That's why pictures of souvenir shop comes first.
 These are the real penguins
The penguins are statues by the way
Moving on we have reptiles!
 Monkey cup
 Why you squashing the turtle?
Birds! They were all caged up :'( Where is the freedom?
 Flamingoes again
Fabel Castle Parrot HAHA
 Another type of bird which I don't know its names
My legs were sore and numb after walking non-stop for 4 hours in the zoo. I don't like when the weather is like raining non-stop the whole day! It dampens my mood :'(
In the Souvenir shop, there's a flush toy for all the animals. :)
 Sheeep BAHHH...
 Look at my sunnies! :D Lady bug look-alike.
 Say AHHH! X)
Rocks and stones and gems
 Sweaty and hot looks
Bye bye Taipei Zoo :D
Next stop: Taipei 101 tower! Taiwan's tallest standing tower. But before that we stopped at a shopping centre for lunch + dinner. We didn't eat anything the whole till 4 pm. Stomach was groaning.


This shop's matcha ice cream was awesome! I really love it! <3



37 Seconds to the 89th floor. How fast is that?

City view from Taipei 101



Look at the lights

Mascot for Taipei 101





Taipei 101