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Nothing better to do

With History Midterms and Music quiz tomorrow, I am still blogging. I'm just too tired of studying, taking a break to write. Just had my Biology Midterm today. I hope I did better than the first test. To me, it is slightly easier than the first one Just had my Biology Midterm today. To me, it was slightly easier than the first one la. After all, I love genetics better than cell movement and organelles.

Have I ever told you that I multitask a lot?

I'm actually listening to Romantic Period songs for music quiz tomorrow. Music class is fun, you get to listen to songs for exams!

Oh, and I'm going send in my enrollment deposit to Umich tomorrow!

Well, wish me luck tomorrow. Back to studying!




ADP Cup Amazing Race


The Amazing Race held by ADP Cup was by far the best in my life. To be honest, though we were worn out and tired at the end of the day, the bonding, the friendship, the knowledge on roads in KL gained and the calories and fats lost can never beat our weariness.

Gathered outside ADP classrooms about 1 something and was briefed by Alex on rules and station masters. After doing some warm ups led by Chee Jen, we got ourselves ready and on the mark of 1,2,3 all 5 houses ran to their respective cars and sped to Sunway Pyramid. I can feel the excitement and anticipation in everyone at the starting point. We got our first clue and headed to Central Market in KL by bus and LRT. It took us quite awhile to reach Central Market.

We spent roughly 10 minutes searching for the station master there and found them in Old Town White Coffee at last. And another 30 minutes was spent finding the locations shown by the station masters by photos. We were supposed to then take photos in that exact location.

Finally, we were done and was given the "3 birds" logo. Post Malaysia! Walked by foot to Post Malaysia and found the station master outside at the world globe place. We were then supposed to act out some actions based on several different countries. That was quite easy la.

Next up, we walked and ran all the way to Dataran Merdeka. The station over there was the longest and the most tiring station. We were supposed to go around KL to find 2 Secret Recipe, 1 7Eleven, 1 "POPULAR" shoe shop and 4 banks. Thank God we have Alyssa in our house, without her help, I don't think we would be able to complete this station's task in such a short time. She had been a great asset to the house.

After completing this station, we took LRT again to KLCC's water fountain. There is a pit stop rest over there. We were supposed to take a picture with the station master and develop it at a Photo Shop in KLCC. We rested awhile while Alyssa and a few guys went to develop the photos. And we then took off to Rum Jungle, a club in KL. Imagine Rum Jungle just in front of KLCC but we took the longer way and toured the whole KL before we got to Rum Jungle. Oh well, at least we managed to complete that station. Thank God we have Eugene and Jimmy, the math genius on the team! :)

After that station, we headed to Pavillion. The task given at this station was to find 3 different people dressed up roaming outside of Pavillion and take a picture with them. It took us quite some while as it was really crowded that time. Then from Pavillion, we were supposed to find the shortest way back to Pyramid. We decided to take a direct bus back to Pyramid and met DN half way. They were also waiting for the bus. It took us awhile there as no bus available that time :(

I really love the ending. Rushing all the way back to Taylor's from Pyramid. Kancheong man! Haha and we were tied with Disco Ninja at the end of the day. Tough fight. My toe nails bled and my legs were aching cause I wore the wrong shoe. -.-

I want to thank the organizing committee for organizing such an AMAZING race for ADP Cup! :D



Music Presentation

Presented my music presentation today! The song I picked was Friends Forever by Vitamin C.
The name of this song is called Friends Forever. It is a single by an American pop singer named Vitamin C. The singer’s real name is Colleen Ann Fitzpatrick. Vitamin C is her stage name. She was born on the 20th July 1972 in New Jersey and was the youngest of 3 children.
She is very talented. She started learning dancing at the age of 7 to correct her feet problem. By the age of 13, she was dancing professionally. At the age of 16, she began writing songs and poetry. She began her music career as the lead singer of a band named Eve’s Plum. TMoving on, she became an international sensation when she launched a solo career calling herself Vitamin C. She rocked the music world with the release of her first album which produced hits such as Smile, Me, Myself and I and this Friends Forever song. Apart from her music career, she was also an actress in the musical Hair Spray. You can also catch her in Sabrina the teenage witch, Dracula 2000 and Scary Movie 2.
This song was released in the year 2000 and is well known for being played at high school commencements. The song made a huge impact on the radio, peaking at #12 on the Top 40 Mainstream Chart and #38 on the Billboard Hot 100.
Musical Elements in this song
After listening to this song several times, I could identify certain musical elements in it which makes this song so memorable and nostalgic. This song brings back a lot of memories of the people I met in life.
This piece is heavily based on Johann Pachelbel, a famous German composer, Pachelbel's Canon in D but it is transposed to the key of C major. The piece of Pachelbel’s Canon in D alone is very soothing, peaceful and nostalgic. All these elements are portrayed in this Friends Forever song. I believe one of her reasons for writing this song is about friendship and farewells so she incorporated Pachelbel’s Canon in D in her song.
The starting part of the song which is the instrumental part clearly shows how Pachelbel’s Canon in D transposed to C major is being used and varied in this song. When the singer sang the first verse, the drum comes in as the instrumental part plays on. There is a defined beat and rhythm in this piece. The beat and tempo of this piece is regular. The tempo could be said to be at a moderate pace throughout the piece. Besides that, the piece is also sung in a smooth and connected style, legato. As for the pitch range in this piece, it can be considered narrow with steps.
There is harmony in this song. The melody and harmony somehow blended in a smooth and connected way. I would say that the chords are stable, restful and with consonance. The texture of the piece is polyphonic as there are a few different melodies being played at once. The dynamics of this piece is constant throughout. It can be considered moderately loud (mezzo forte).
There are three main verses in this song and the chorus part is repeated several times. As for the timbre part, strings, woodwinds and percussions are used as the background music. There is one main female vocal throughout the whole song and another female as an accompaniment for the chorus part near the ending. The instrumental background music is repetitive. This creates a unity in the piece. The melodies are repeatedly played throughout the song. The piece is in the ternary form where there are three parts to it. These three parts are all different in melody.
As this song is normally played during occasions like high school graduations or farewells, the emotions that are produced after listening to this piece are nostalgic, sad and peaceful. Since emotions towards any songs are subjective, some might even feel the happiness and joyfulness when listening to this piece as there is a line that goes "As we go on we remember all the good times we had together as our lives change come whatever, we will still be friends forever." Even though we and our friends parted, the memories and friendships stay forever. In short, whatever happens, friendships will last. This is the most meaningful part of the song.



Once again back to college

Yeah back to college! :)

During my one week of absentee, people actually asked whether I dropped ADP. LOL. It feels good to be back in college but I've got soo much to catch up on. Macroeconomics is like another alien language to me. I need major help in this subject! Other than that, I am happy to see all my friends again. ADP Cup had just started this week and I am once again playing for my house for Diamond 7. With luck, I got into semi-finals.

Today, AIESEC in LC TU had their Induction for new members as well as Leaf Workshop. I am happy to see the new members in AIESEC. For the leaf workshop, I once again took the color personality quiz and fell under the "Ask" and "Emote" part. I am amiable which is also represented by the color blue. The one thing that I can really learn from today's test is to not be too agreeable in things. Sometimes, people want us, the Amiable People, to share their opinions. Everything went well and huge thanks to the facilitators for taking their time off to prepare for us.

I also learned some basic facilitating skills from the team. Firstly, change of speakers would help in one session to bring diversity to the group. Secondly, a facilitator needs to learn to listen and summarize things that people said. Now, I'm back here finishing up my applications for universities.



University Applications and ADP

I have been very very busy applying for my universities. Hopefully I can get in to at least one university. Please Lord Help me! :) I'm applying for:

  • University of Washington
  • University of Michigan
  • Pennsylvania State University
  • Ohio State University
  • Rutgers State University
  • University of Minnesota
  • Suny Baffalo
So far all these top universities. First choice is still University of Washington.
Thank God this time my timetable is perfect! Not many changes. Hopefully it would be an exciting semester for me as I am taking History 105, Music, Biology and Macroeconomics :)
My Winter 2012 timetable :)