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Egypt: The Cradle of Civilization

A total of 8 days spent abroad with 2 days spent on the airplane. The other 3 days were spent in Egypt and last 3 days in Dubai. 
Egypt, a place where world civilization started. 
After spending 7 hours on EgyptAir, we safely arrived Cairo. The time difference between Malaysia and Egypt is about 6 hours. Lucky no jet lag for me. :) 
For this Egypt trip, we went as a mini tour group. Our tour guide was awesome and experienced. He studied 4 years of Egyptology. No wonder he knows the whole of Egypt in and out. We traveled in a mini van to our hotel named, Mercure Cairo Le Sphinx. 
The toilet
The Bedroom

Our first stop is to the Egypt Museum. I only took pictures outside the museum as cameras were not allowed inside the museum. Inside the museum, we saw many artifacts, monuments, coffins of the Pharoahs and Cleopatras.

Exterior of the Museum
Broken nose :O

After the museum, we passed by Tahrir Square. They were having a demonstration at that time. So scary :O

Tahrir Square

Next stop, LUNCH! :)

Their famous nan bread




Chicken chop

After our meal, we headed over to the Pyramids, the main attraction for coming to Egypt. How can one visit Egypt without visiting the Pyramids? All the Pyramids have a history that dates back 2000 years ago.

Ticket into the great Pyramids
On the pyramid itself
Camel riding
After the Pyramids, we visited the perfume and papyrus factory outlets. In the perfume shop, they gave us free samples of different perfumes. And we also got special permission to watch glass blowing! :D
Glass blowing
Papyrus making

After dinner, we came back to the Great Pyramids to watch the sound and light show. It was super duper cold and windy during the night time in Egypt. 



Light and Sound show

On the second day, we visited Egypt's famous mosque.

Bro dressing up as a Pharoah
This is the biggest mosque in Cairo
Interior of the mosque

Apparently, the mosque has a dome-shaped roof because during ancient times, they did not have microphones. Dome-shaped roofs help to concentrate the voices of the father. 

Next, we visited the churches of the Cryptic Christians. The first church was Abu Serga church where this church received the Holy Family 2000 years ago. I think It was my first time taking pictures inside the church.

The route of Jesus and his family had taken to come to Egypt :)


Posing inside the church. First time taking pictures in a church


Entrance of the church
After a lunch buffet, the tour guide brought us to the souk area to bargain cheap souvenirs. I bought a few souvenirs over there. You have to seriously bargain with them for cheap stuff. Pretend you want to walk away if the price is too high. Trust me they will call you back :)
At night, we cruised the Nile river. The buffet on the ship was so-so only. The belly dance and spinning man were fantasti.


Belly dancing


Spinning man ( he could spin crazily for more than 5 mins!)
On the third day aka the final day in Egypt. We visited another church by the river. It's a really unique church. First time going to a church by boat! :O And it's not a normal boat, it moves by the wind. It is not operated by the engine you see on motorized boats.
Look at the big sail up there! :D
Interior of the church

Finally, we also visited the Pharaonic Village. It is good if you are studying for an exam of Ancient Egypt. A great place to visit for a memory refresher for your exam!

Bro bought a Papyrus boat!
Rich man's car!
making fire with just a stick :O


How they buried the mummy. Just for show. Not a real set!


BOOO mummy!


Ideas on how they built their pyramids.

However until today, how Ancient Pharoahs' build their Pyramids is not known.

 October War to regain Sinai!
After this, we were headed to the airport to catch a plane to Dubai. On our way, our tour guide showed us the big contrast between the rich and the poor in Egypt.