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I Missed My High School Days

I Missed My High School Life. I missed my Form 1 days when I went for my first ever interview for the Librarian Board. Intimidated by it but managed to pass it. And also the librarian exam where I had to remember all the DDC numbers. Thanks to it, I'm a pro at finding books in the library now. Missed my whole installation where we sang on stage during assembly wearing our brand new uniform :)

I missed my Form 2 days when I became the president for afternoon session's board together with my board we trained the newbies. I've got a lot to learn but it changed me since then. Gotten more responsible and also got to know how things really work in the library. I missed going to the library every lunch break. I also missed being in the Choir Club and missed the time standing on stage singing for Hari Kokurikulum :)

I missed my Form 3 days when I had to wake up early in the morning to go to school. I also missed being the patrol leader for Girl guide. I still remember I was leading Lily. Also joined Choral Speaking Competition and won 2nd place in District Level. Missed all the fun practices with my classmates. PMR was a boom for me. Gotten 8 A's and I was rewarded a new camera. :)

I missed my Form 4 days when I marched for my Yellow House and first time in history we got 3rd place. Great achievement! And also I missed my Library Week when I'm head of Games. Organized an amazing race for the school. I missed planning Leadership Camp with my team too :) Joined my church's Youth Ministry. Life changing experience for me when i witnessed the strong presence of God and being able to outreach to youths and open their hearts to God through praise and worship, sessions, ice breakers and drama. I changed the most this year. :)

I missed my Form 5 days when I Emcee-ed for the Library Week. My confidence grew when I took the first step to go on the stage. I also missed dressing up as the Pontianak and scare people who visit our Library Week. Planned One Day Camp games again at Lake Gardens and made all the librarians run like mad. Proud that I marched for Yellow House and we got 2nd place. Participated in the inter class Drama Competition and acted as a BIMBO. SPM was also a boom! Gotten 9 A's and an ipad :)

I praise and thank God for He has got me through this 5 hectic and amazing years of high school life. I also thank you for blessing me with such amazing friends I made throughout my high school days. :) :) :)