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AIESEC Taylor's University Local Committee Election

3rd of March was THE BIG DAY for AIESEC in Taylor's University. 16 brave souls took up the challenge to run for Executive Board for term 12/13. The 8-hour event consisted of speeches, questions and answers and then the tradition of all time - pouring of water (blessing) for LCP and also LCVP candidates. It was truly a nerve wrecking experience for the candidates and inspiring for the rest of the plenary. The new executive board was elected in the most democratic and transparent way possible. As usual, this formal event started with the opening speech from LCP candidate, Ms. Carmen Lee. After that, there was an hour of Q&A session where she was bombarded with tough and interesting questions. Then, it ended with her closing speech.

Next, the most interesting part of the agenda is the speeches and Q&A for all the LCVP candidates who were Jimmy, Zee Haw, Wen Kiat, JQ, Kelvin, Charlie, Raymond Her, Elleen, Zhi Yi, Lee Min, Marten, Rahul, Johnson, Hoe Yen and Elwin. It started of with opening speeches from the first 8 candidates. Then, we break for lunch at The V. We came back an hour later for the next 7 candidates. Then, moving on to the Q&A session. 15 candidates were seated in a row right in front of the plenary. Each candidate reflected their unique and creative style and personality through the questions asked. This, then ended with their short but sweet closing speeches.

The most awaited moment of the whole event for me was the Voting of candidates. Kavidha and Wan Sin were so nervous that we would have spoil votes this time. But thank God everything went well and there were no spoil votes. The people with voting rights did a job well done.

While the chair, Jessica and the election committee were counting the votes, the rest of us were busy filling water bottles and pails for the pouring later. Finally! The moment that everyone anticipated that is revealing of the results.

Ms. Carmen Lee 
as the next LCP of LC TU! 
And also the other VP elects!
Mr. Elwin Chin
Ms. Cham Zhi Yi
Mr. Hoe Yen
Mr. Gong Zee Haw
 Ms. Elleen Sia
Ms. Lee Min 
Ms. Charlie Cheong

I have to admit that I was really inspired and impressed by all the candidates. All the candidates had so much drive, passion and enthusiasm in them. It was truly an eye opener for me to witness such a memorable day for AIESEC in TU. I wish the LCP and VP elects the best of luck in leading the Executive Board for Term 12/13. Dream BIG for the future of LC TU. Our LCP, Carmen Lee's vision for LC TU would be to earn TOP GUN LC in Malaysia. I believe with her team, we can do this! :)

Once an AIESEC-er, always an AIESEC-er.

I believe in helping youths to become the better versions of themselves.

Signing off, 

Team Leader of Talent Management Ke Li