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Dubai. An expensive place.

Many of us have the dream of visiting Dubai, I'm not too sure why either. Maybe cause it is a modern and beautiful city. Everything over there is over-priced! Dubai is a BIG contrast from Egypt. Everything here is clean and modern with skyscrapers and man-made desert, beach, snow and etc. I had the experience of a lifetime here. Worth visiting at least once. To sum up my trip to Dubai. =)

  • Went to Ferrari World in Abu Dhabi. Sat the World’s FASTEST roller coaster and drove a Ferrari car!
  • Went to the World’s LARGEST mall, Dubai Mall. (Took me an hour to walk from one end to another end!)
  • Saw the World’s BIGGEST water fountain. (the lightings were pretty!)
  • Climbed the World’s TALLEST building, Burj Khalifah and recorded the sunset.
  • First time camping in the desert! (Celebrated a poor Christmas as a nomad)
  • Went to a 7 star hotel, Atlantis for the waterpark. ( The hotel located on an island with the shape of a palm tree)
  • Went dune bashing, camel riding and sand skiing!

First day: Ferrari World in Abu Dhabi!

Uses G Force to shoot you up in the sky!


On a roller coaster


Bro driving a Ferrari
Awesome show on acrobatics!
One of the 3D rides
I drove a Ferrari WHAHAHA




Dubai Mall!


World's Tallest Building - Burj Khalifah!



Blury :O
Day 2: The climb
Look at the view from above :)


This was earlier before sunset
Top of the building. There's a hotel up there.


Day 3: Gold market and Camping in dessert

Dune bashing with this vehicle!



Hand art


Memory jars


Our tent for the night


Camping Area looks authentic


Fire place


Last Day: Went to Atlantis waterpark and played with the dolphins. :D

Nice painting of the ceiling


Atlantis as the backdrop. A bit dark tho.

It's time to go back home. SEE YOU NEXT TIME DUBAI. :)