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Let's Chill at Chilling Falls!

472595_10150612746964053_1618839184_o The 17 Chillers!
We took off at 8.00 am in the morning from Taylor's campus by bus to Chilling Waterfalls at Kuala Khubu Bharu. Everyone was quite tired as the day before we had an Amazing Race. Can't blame them la. But the energy of the members picked up when we cross rivers at Sungai Chilling. We arrived at the fall at half past 10:00 am and started our journey into the woods. The path towards the waterfall was an easy one as it was pretty straight with occasional uphills. For a beginner, it would be no problem! Well! the FUN part of the trip was dunking oneself into the waterfall. The BEST feeling ever. If you ever go there, you must try!
While we were all still DRY!
In the middle of the river trekking!
This was also where I first fell into the river and got my lower body wet.
Fast help him! His drowning!
We learned how to help each other while crossing rivers. Good team work guys!
In the jungle
We arrived the waterfall!
So then everyone started posing while they jumped into the waterfall.
Alex went first as he had the experience of jumping!
Shu fei!
Superman :O
Xing Yao's pose
Shu Fei just back flipped!
Lih Sheng's thumbs up pose
Everyone was so hungry and we ate nasi lemak
After the jumping and playing in the waterfall
Everyone was dead tired and slept soundly the bus on the way back. Well, I'm not gonna post any sleeping photos here. Oh and a few of them lost their slippers while crossing rivers! Take note do not wear slippers to Chilling Falls!



Fell in love with Lepok Falls

Lepok Planned the first outing for Be_ADP in the new term as the Vice president of Members Welfare and Development, and it was successful! Oh YEAH!

I woke up as early as 6.00 in the morning and drove down to campus for a bonding trip at Lepok Falls, Hulu Langat with my fellow Be_ADP members. As you know us Malaysians have Malaysian time, we waited for everyone to come and took off to our destination at 8.00 am instead of 7.30 am. With 17 members and 4 cars, we drove off excitedly. It was roughly an hour drive to Hulu Langat. Thank God for GPS that Cheng Loke borrowed from Max. Super accurate!

We parked our cars and started our journey into the jungle. On the way, we went through many obstacles such as tree logs and muddy areas. I kept looking out for LEECHES while trekking. I'm glad to say I'm sort of immune to it after I kena 30 leeches bites from OBS early this year. We got lost a few times but thank God the orang asli there directed us to the right path. Patrick, our president said to always keep to the right when you get lost. (what he read from blogs) *This is not true, we kept to the right and had to U-turn back once.

As for me, not a newbie in jungle trekking, the path was just nice! Not to say very challenging while we made our way upwards. However the path did get a little steeper nearer to the top. On the way, when we heard faint splashes of water, we were so excited. Unfortunately, it was a false alarm. It took us to a river. -.- We U-turned back out and continued trekking upward. It was about 11.30 when we reached the bottom of the waterfall. :) We rested there for short while and had lunch. Many of us were washing our feet in the icy cold water. The water was crystal clear and tempting. Me took a few photos there!

Lester posing!
Cute Minkyoung
Jiunn How
Cheng Tzan
Burhan! thanks for buying the food
Eric Chan
Christopher. This guy been trekking a couple of times.
Adrian and Matt
Jin Khai
Lending a helping hand :)
Cool post!

The late comers who arrived at last. Khaled, Cheng Loke and Mr Chuah. Sorry for leaving you guys behind! :/

Mr Chuah
Khaled & Cheng Loke
Everyone was quite hungry 
Nasi Lemak 2.0? Eric!

 It started to drizzle slightly while we were enjoying our meals so we decided to take shelter at a rundown pondok. It was a spooky place to me!

Me love them!

We continued our journey towards Lepok Falls. It was indeed a breathtaking scenery up there. Over there, the boys started stripping and dipped themselves in the freezing cold water.

Trying hard to climb to the top
One of the first few to dive into the icy cold water
Burhan reached to the top of the water fall
Muscle up!
More and more boys trying to climb up the slippery rocks

Mr Chuah and his Awesome DSLR
"Yay! I almost reach to the top." Minkyoung
The boys 
Playing in the pool at the bottom of the waterfall
Shivering @_@

Khaled and his ADP flag!
On the way out of the jungle

We came out of the jungle around 2.30 pm. Everyone was exhausted and muddy but yet they had so much fun. For some, it was their first time trekking. I'm glad they had an awesome experience. My photos were dominated by boys. Where are all the girls? Looking forward to plan another trip again. Perhaps paintball or roller blade-ing! :D Who's up for it?

Lord, thank you for keeping us safe and alive throughout this whole bonding trip. :)