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My Birthday Surprise

I had the Best Birthday Surprise ever this year. It was my 18th Birthday. With 20 over people surprising me, I am glad to have such amazing and awesome friends. Me love them loads <3 I had a blast on my birthday!

Smiling for the camera
Cutting the cake


Wishing and blowing candles


Protecting the candles while they were trying to light it up


I <3 them.


Thank you Matt and Leon. I will be more positive after reading it!



Thank you Jason and Maygee! :)


You rox, Roxanne!


This card seriously scare me!


Yummy, it looks good but i cannot eat. Thank you Jason Yee


Sweet tooth eh? Thank you Maygee


Thank you Tim!


Thank you Jason Wong. haha i sleep better at night!


Thank you Chee Jen and Ah Beng! :D
Thank you Jason Yee, Jason Wong, Klothilda, Maygee, Wen Tze, Ah Beng, Roxanne, Jason Wee, Vivian, Chee Jen, Emmanuel, Charmaine, Jimmy, Kok Zheng, Leon, Matt, Alex, Tim, Adrian, Max for the cake, the presents and the wishes. The best you all have given me is simply just by being my friend :D
Thank you everyone for wishing me on that day :D
Credits to Roxanne for her lovely photos. :)
At night i celebrated with moi family too! I love them to the max! <3 Went to Metropolitan Square for dinner. First time trying out beef with wahyu 95. YUM YUM DELICIOUS!



Ma Sister



BR ice cream cake! xD




Ma family. I love you all!



Crazy bro and sis!

The day ended with a bang! There were fireworks at the area where i was eating! :D Finally legal to do stuff. Clubbing and 18++ movies FTW

Lastly, I want to thank God for all his blessings he has given me. He had allowed me to live till this very day. I also thank you for my Family and Friends. Keep them safe and healthy always. May God be with them throughout every aspect of their lives. :)