What's a mind dump?

A mind dump is a way of transferring your knowledge or information onto another source like paper, computer software, hard drive, or publication. 

As I browse the internet and find educational and noteworthy articles, videos, podcasts, my inclination would be to 'Let's save this to pocket!' I realized that I soon have a large list of unread saved articles, videos, podcasts etc. For accountability sake, I thought it would be a great idea to summarize what I learned from these interesting articles, videos, podcasts and share them. 

1. On the Internet, people say all kinds of things they would never say never say aloud

Source: Things We Ask Google (Freakonomics)

Stephen Dubner interviewed Seth Stephens-Davidowitz, a former data scientist at Google. He has used Google searches to gain new insights to measure racism, child abuse, sexual preference, anxiety, depression, and many other topics. Seth came to the conclusion that our online searches are the reflection of our true selves. In the real world, everybody lies. 

2. Jack Ma: In the next 30 years, people will work 4 hours a day

Source: Full Interview with Jack Ma (You Tube) 

CNBC's David Faber interviewed Jack Ma, Alibaba Executive Chairman about future of economy, employment, artificial intelligence, globalization, business ethics, small businesses, e-commerce etc. 

  • Jack Ma says that as technology advances, small businesses will thrive on the internet while the dominance of giant companies will decline.
  • Ma says that humans will still win artificial intelligence, AI will never ever have the wisdom that comes from being human.
  • He also says the way to create more jobs in the economy is to help small businesses sell their local products across the world. That can be done using the Alibaba platform. 

3. 7,000 Ferraris Philosophy

Source: Robin Sharma 7,000 Ferraris Philosophy (You Tube)

Why go really wide when you can be singularity deep? A great performer goes really deep on a few things to rise to iconic.

Every year Ferrari only produces 7,000 Ferraris. They don't produce hundreds of thousands of vehicles. They only do a few products, they only produce a few things, but they do them really, really well.

Focus on the one thing that you do really well instead of the many things that you are average in. 

4. Why Germans Can Say Things No One Else Can

Source: The School of Life (You Tube)

My boss is a German and our conversations other than work related would often revolve around language, culture, food and places around the world. I came across this You Tube video that talks about German being an inventive language with long compound words for emotions and ideas most other languages struggle to allow us to express.  

5. Entrepreneurship between S. Korea and Silicon Valley

Source: Stanford Online (You Tube)

YoonJin Chang, entrepreneur and investor talks about women in entrepreneurship, trends, and challenges of entrepreneurship and startups in Asia (S. Korea) versus Silicon Valley and the US.