According to Merriam-Webster, the word 'Change' is to become different or to make someone or something different.

I have a friend from primary school, we used to talk to one another every other day, calling each other on home telephones (when smartphones do not yet exist). 10 years have passed since then, and we don't talk anymore. Just recently, I went on Facebook to 'check' her out, the once "studious and goody two-shoes" girl, is now into clubbing and drinking. All I see, are pictures of her in cropped top and tights, dancing and drinking with a bunch of friends at clubs and bars.

Recently, I also stumbled on a blog post of another junior in my high school. Back then, he used to be this playful and mischievous boy who played hooky all the time. I read his post, look at it, stare at it and wonder - just when did he change 360 degrees? His thought process, his words, his story....Compared to 6 years back, a naughty schoolboy back then is now a working professional in one of the top consulting firms in the world.

Just exactly when do we change? Is it a gradual process? Is it an abrupt process?

People can change so much within a few years.

Everyone is changing. Everywhere we look, everywhere we go, every day we live there is change. Change in people could be external or internal. Things around the world are changing as well. Climate change, economic change, political change, technological change etc. Change is inevitable throughout our lives.

Just like everyone else and everything, I've been changing all my life as well.

From a quiet, timid and afraid to speak up sort of kid to someone who needs to talk to every single breathing soul out there today if not she will get bored.

I'm still changing today.

I'm learning to communicate better, to think more critically, to read more, to listen more, to be more responsible, to take initiative, to have more empathy...and the list goes on.

There is a famous quote by Lou Holtz:

"In this world, you are either growing or dying so get in motion and grow."

Everyone is changing, for better or for worse, it's all in your hands. We are growing older, getting wiser, maturing, making mistakes. That's what humans are born and made to do.

There's a list of things anyone could learn and do over time. Whether we follow the list is a different story. Some people just haven't started to move just yet.

But change will come to you eventually.

My hope for you is you change for the better. :)