This is going to be something really random. #unreal From normal walking, I started brisk walking and jogging. In a few seconds, my speed started to increase. Why am I running? Away from what? I thought to myself. I couldn't remember why I started running in the first place. I couldn't control my legs to slow down. It felt like I'm running at a speed of about 7 miles per hour.

Looking around, I tried to figure out where I am. However, my sight was just too blurry. Squinting my eyes and looking far ahead into the distance, I only see a bright white light.

I'm just not too sure where I am nor where I am going. I'm at a place too unfamiliar. The wind was blowing really strong at this time that I could feel it going through my long hair, brushing it away from my face.

I continued running, wanting to get out of this windy place, moving in the direction of the bright light ahead. As the wind gets stronger, I begun to feel both my legs being lifted up from the ground. I tried to gather as much weight to plant my foot on the ground, however, gravity is going against me this time.

Why is the wind so angry? I wondered to myself, as I continued to pick up my pace, running towards the light.

I felt like a piece of feather, trying to weigh myself down but my efforts were futile.

Suddenly, I saw a huge tree trunk approaching my sight. Quickly, I extended both my hands and held onto it with as much strength as possible. The wind got even stronger that I was being lifted up with my legs flying. Just like a flag on a flag pole waving in the wind.

I could barely open my eyes now as the wind gets stronger. My palms were getting sweaty and I'm slowly losing my grip.

As my fingers slipped, I flew away and hit something really hard. Ouch! Couldn't tell what it was but soon after came a sudden loud noice, piercing through my eardrums. It was just plain irritating and the noise was really killing my eardrums.

Wait? killing? Maybe I'm dead after all. I tried to pick up my heavy body but it wouldn't budge. So, I raised my hand, trying to feel what was around and I accidentally touched a cold vibrating solid object. I could still hear the sound ringing in my ears but it was much softer this time round.

In a split second, I realized it was just a dream, and that vibrating, noisy object was just my alarm clock doing its work.