#1 Running

Yes, physically moving my legs . This is not the running away from problems and hardships. I'm talking about running to work those muscles down there. The Quadriceps. The Hamstrings. The Glute. The Hip Flexors. The Abs. The Calves. The Tibialis Anterior. Lake Shore Drive is just 4 minutes away from my home, there shouldn't be any excuses before the weather gets colder.

Received a call from my sister the other day.

Sister: "Eh, you wanna join me for Chicago Marathon next year?"Me: "Err, why out of the blue you ask me to join you for a marathon, I've never been on a 5k run, what more a marathon..."Sister: "That's the reason I'm telling you now, you have more than a year to prepare for it!"

I'm not too sure about marathons yet, but I will take the first step to run 5 miles on Lake Shore Drive.


#2 Reading the Bible and Spending Time with Him

Not just read for the sake of reading but to read and understand the scripture. I would need to spend time meditating on His Word and also having conversations with Him everyday.

Being a Christian doesn't mean just going to the house of God on Sundays. It means to follow Christ day after day and live as a new person in Him.

I'm putting 'Date with God' for 15 minutes everyday on my calendar to keep me accoutable to this.