Time flies when you are enjoying something or doing something really fun. Vice versa, time slows down when you are doing something really boring.

Does time really speed up when we are enjoying the moment and slow down when we are not enjoying the moment?

Time travels at the same speed in fact. It's just our mind playing games with us. When you are engaging in fun activities, our conscious mind of logic tends to shut down. We don't think logically.

Nevertheless, I want good things and good moments to last forever. At times, I wish I could freeze these moments, or have it move more slowly, not wanting them to end or pass by. I just wish time is not something abstract, but something I could hold in my hands and keep it in my pocket.

Good or bad moments, we should all cherish them. After all, they make up your experiences in life.

Time is precious, once it's gone, there is no getting it back. All you can do is to love more, give more, smile more and dream more before time runs out.