By now I'm sure you are familiar with this viral phenomenon of Pokémon GO, it is a smartphone game which uses augmented reality. Over the past few days, social media has exploded with pictures of people catching pokémon. The game app places Pokémon in the real world by combining your smartphone's camera features as well as GPS.

It's been only 3 days since the game was launched in the US, PokémonGO an augmented reality game.

Taking the bus, everywhere I look, people are with their smartphones, swiping up and catching Pokémon as they go through their daily lives.

More than a game app?

Being in a digital health world, I've seen many benefits coming out of the app, there were testimonies of people using the app who allows them to be more social and more active.

"Thanks to Pokémon Go, I walked 7 km yesterday and made 6 new friends."

Could it be an accidental health app? People are forced to get out of their houses and walk around their neighborhood to visit Pokéstops and catch Pokémons. Though there were many positive reviews of the app, there is still no evidence that the app has these physical and mental health benefits.