It was Thanksgiving yesterday in the States. I was excited as it was my very first time celebrating Thanksgiving. Coming from a country that does not celebrate, it was an eye opener for me.  So why do people celebrate Thanksgiving? Many Americans think of Thanksgiving as a wonderful time to get out of school for a long weekend and eat a great dinner with their families and friendsBut to me it's more than a holiday, it is a time when you give thanks to the people you love; A day where you are grateful for the people that came into your life; A day to bless people around you. Of course, it's ideal to treat everyday as Thanksgiving. 

So in the morning, I left for Chris Baik's house to prepare turkey with Ping and Jason for the dinner at church. It was a definitely an exciting and fun experience for me. Little did I realize preparing a turkey was so easy. At least to me it was. We were given instructions on how to prepare the turkey. It was funny how we learned how to open the turkey with a youtube video. So then the fun part was spreading and stuffing butter between the meat and the skin of the turkey. Next, we stuffed apples and onions inside the cavity. The reason for this is to keep the turkey moist when we put it in the oven to cook later. Besides that, we also cooked mashed potatoes. 

Everything was so easy here in the States as everything was instant. We didn't even need to mash the potatoes ourselves as the potatoes come in flakes. Just add butter, milk and water and mix everything together and it's done! 

Preparing the turkey only took us an hour. The next 5 hours, we spent our time waiting for the turkey. Of course we didn't just sit there and wait, we ate lunch. Oh I'm so thankful that Chris cooked lunch for us. It was Kimchi friend rice! Yay Korean meal! It was delicious! While waiting, we also played card games when Varoot came. I learned a new card game called Nerds. It was a challenging card game that requires you and your partner to think and act fast. 

So the turkey was done at 5 pm and we brought to church. Thanksgiving dinner went well. I met so many new people from around the world. It's fun to go around and mingle with people and share the things that we are grateful for during Thanksgiving. Everyone had a great time at the dinner. Next, the long awaited moment for everyone was Black Friday shopping. 

Although it was my very first Black Friday here at the States, I did not go and experience all the craziness in shopping, instead I wanted to bless Magnolia. She's an amazing mother in LOJO, our lifegroup. Imagine working in the ER during thanksgiving. So a couple of us from the life group went out for dimsum with her. #HongKongFood

After dinner, Hong Yoon came out with the craziest idea ever to take pictures in front a Ferrari show room while people were busy lining up at malls. It was definitely a fun night hanging out with brothers and sisters in Christ.

Mum and dad, you can say that I celebrated Thanksgiving the most authentic way, from turkey preparation to feasting traditional thanksgiving meals and singing.