My cute Pinata!

AmFest was successfully organized by ADP Economania Club! An event where students of ECON 101 presented on economic standings of different countries in the Latin America region. Good job to the committee for putting in so much effort, sweat and blood in organizing this event.
My team: Melissa Lim, Amanda Chan, Min, Barrie, Zhi Yi and I
We were in charged of the Mexico Booth! We did a pretty great job in our showcase of Mexico.
Winning the Best Mascot as well as 2nd runner up for Best Booth!
After the opening ceremony, 4 judges, Ms Lim, Ms Pua, Dr Anitita and Ms Pat visited booth to booth to judge our showcases and presentations on the economic situation in different countries. Many passers-by stopped by our booth to learn more about Mexico's economy. They were amazed by our Mexican mascot, Min! I don't have any pictures currently. Will post them up once I got them! :)
All Glory to Him of course.