University Applications ready for FedEx shipping
I have been busy crafting and revising my personal statement and filling up common applications for various schools I'm applying for in the States.  To me, the most difficult part of the entire process is writing a personal statement.
Me: "Daddy, how do you effectively write a personal statement to convince the schools you are a great asset for them?"
Dad: "Just tell them your story that you think will connect emotional with  and add in emotions to connect with the reader."
Me: "Oh-okay... I will try my best to make them cry."
Somehow, fitting my entire life story into a 2-page essay on Microsoft Word is not going to work. Can anyone relate to that? With multiple proofreads and re-writing from With my parents, Taylor's counselor and friends, I've completed my 2-page personal statement. I don't think I've spent that much time writing an essay for school as I did with my personal statement.