472595_10150612746964053_1618839184_o The 17 Chillers!
We took off at 8.00 am in the morning from Taylor's campus by bus to Chilling Waterfalls at Kuala Khubu Bharu. Everyone was quite tired as the day before we had an Amazing Race. Can't blame them la. But the energy of the members picked up when we cross rivers at Sungai Chilling. We arrived at the fall at half past 10:00 am and started our journey into the woods. The path towards the waterfall was an easy one as it was pretty straight with occasional uphills. For a beginner, it would be no problem! Well! the FUN part of the trip was dunking oneself into the waterfall. The BEST feeling ever. If you ever go there, you must try!
While we were all still DRY!
In the middle of the river trekking!
This was also where I first fell into the river and got my lower body wet.
Fast help him! His drowning!
We learned how to help each other while crossing rivers. Good team work guys!
In the jungle
We arrived the waterfall!
So then everyone started posing while they jumped into the waterfall.
Alex went first as he had the experience of jumping!
Shu fei!
Superman :O
Xing Yao's pose
Shu Fei just back flipped!
Lih Sheng's thumbs up pose
Everyone was so hungry and we ate nasi lemak
After the jumping and playing in the waterfall
Everyone was dead tired and slept soundly the bus on the way back. Well, I'm not gonna post any sleeping photos here. Oh and a few of them lost their slippers while crossing rivers! Take note do not wear slippers to Chilling Falls!