Yeah back to college! :)

During my one week of absentee, people actually asked whether I dropped ADP. LOL. It feels good to be back in college but I've got soo much to catch up on. Macroeconomics is like another alien language to me. I need major help in this subject! Other than that, I am happy to see all my friends again. ADP Cup had just started this week and I am once again playing for my house for Diamond 7. With luck, I got into semi-finals.

Today, AIESEC in LC TU had their Induction for new members as well as Leaf Workshop. I am happy to see the new members in AIESEC. For the leaf workshop, I once again took the color personality quiz and fell under the "Ask" and "Emote" part. I am amiable which is also represented by the color blue. The one thing that I can really learn from today's test is to not be too agreeable in things. Sometimes, people want us, the Amiable People, to share their opinions. Everything went well and huge thanks to the facilitators for taking their time off to prepare for us.

I also learned some basic facilitating skills from the team. Firstly, change of speakers would help in one session to bring diversity to the group. Secondly, a facilitator needs to learn to listen and summarize things that people said. Now, I'm back here finishing up my applications for universities.