It's suit up day! Everyone was dressed formal in suits for our first ever Youth to Business Forum in Malaysia. We were very lucky indeed to have this during MyLDS 2012. We had invited a few guest speakers from Nippon Paint, Accenture Malaysia and ING. After Galdys from Nippon Paint gave her keynote speech,  we were broken up into 3 different sessions. All three workshops ran concurrently. I registered for the Nippon Paint workshop on Innovation. We each received a free cute little Blobby too! We were given a case challenge study on a corporate social project. I was the team leader for the team. Quite surprised that they picked me. Using my skills and what I learned throughout the conference, I was glad that I led well. We won a consolation prize. Just realized I didn't take a team photo with my awesome team.


Next, we had our forum with the four guest speakers from AIESEC alumni, ING, Accenture and Nippon Paint. They shared with us on leadership, innovation, passion, branding and etc. And they concluded our first Youth to Business forum.

We then headed back to the hostel to prepare for our most anticipated night - Gala Dinner with the theme Rock N Roll. Everyone was dressed up for the dinner. It was a buffet style dinner in some nearby restaurant. I can't really remember the name of the place.







Ended the night with my parents driving me back home. So sad. :(