Growing that mustache

By this day, everyone was dead tired due to lack of sleep the day before. We were supposed to get up early to wait for a chartered bus for photo shooting near the mosque. It's Kodak Moments time! It means camwhore. With our newly bought LC shirt, we took off.

It's Kodak Moment time! It means camwhore. With our newly bought LC shirt, we took off.

Our LC shirt is AWESOME! :D

We took more photos while waiting for our turn!


Let's climb higher!



Then, we headed back to the plenary hall for punishments! Next up, we had our Big Rock Challenge Part 3. Nothing really challenging for that part. Basically to recap and reflect on what we had done for the past 2 days. More to serv as a feedback session.

After lunch, we had TED talk by our first Malaysian to enter AIESEC International. She is currently working in Groupon Malaysia with other youths. She shared with us her awesome experiences., truly an inspiration to many.

After dinner, we had a talent show! I laughed my ass off in this talent show. People were so funny yet they have amazing talents. There was a guy who did eyebrow dancing, some people danced and some sang. The twins did a mirror show. Everyone's performances were awesome!