It's Valentines Day today! Love is in the air yo. To all those couples out there, I wish you all the best in your relationship. Be nice to your partners today! <3 More Square dances again in the morning. They called us to do our LC roll call. Many of the LCs had their Valentines version of roll call. Super cute. UUM even wore pink for girls and blue for boys!

Then we had our skills training workshop. This time it was a back to back workshop. I registered for Project Management and Effective Marketing classes. Project Management was conducted by Alaa. Learned something new like using the Work Break Down Structure (WBS) to plan for projects. Hopefully, I could practice this for my future projects. Next class was on effective marketing by Yuh Jye. I learned that when you do marketing, you have to list down the marketing mix such as the product you are selling, the price, promotion offered and place you selling the product.

Later, we had another TED talk by Roslan, a social entrepreneur. He shared with us his stories about social businesses. Later we played a game called "Exchange something more valuable". We had to exchange an ordinary pen for something more valuable. I don't really know what happened, with a blink of an eye, my leader got a credit card. WOW.

Showing off our Dominoes Card we exchanged! :)
Next up, we had our Big Rock Challenge Part 2. We had to come out with a Social Business Idea using our topic given on the previous day that is Child Exploitation. Thanks to my awesome members who threw in lots of ideas, we managed to come out with an idea pretty fast. I won't go into details what our ideas were. Basically, we wanted to have a farm planting vegetables and also a shelter home for the underprivileged children.

At night, we had our Global Village Valentines edition, displaying around 10 countries around the world. Every LC was in charged of a country booth. LC TU was doing Morocco. We also had free Morroco dessert. Some orange juice thingy.

Our team managing Morroco! :)
Our Board!



All in all, it went well. A big thanks to Elleen! She did a great job in organizing! And also to the belly dancers, you girls were awesome! :) The night ended with more square dances again.