Woke up to the alarm of my phone and got ready for breakfast outside the plenary. We started off with some LC square dances. They were awesome. Next, we started our first lesson on skills training. I picked Effective Analysis for my morning class. What I learned in that session was how to make effective decisions. To  solve a problem, you first have to consider different factors and alternatives. I learned that everyone in the team has a different perspective of seeing things and there is no right or wrong answer. Once we were done, we went back to the plenary hall for our 2nd TED talk by Chris Tan on team formation. This guy is unique and daring to be different. He is an author of the book "The Journey Of The Green Sugar Merchant". What I learned is to give and take. Only by allowing yourself to win, you allow yourself to win more. Before a speaker goes on stage to speak, give a standing ovation. Encourage them to speak better!

Let me share a quote from Chris Tan.

"Life is never a still photo but an award-winning drama series that never end as long as you are breathing."

This quote says that you should change yourself first before the world changes you! If you don't make a choice, you are actually allowing the situation to choose for you. And also always use the word "I" instead of "We". Give yourself the authority and power!

Another thing that inspired me is the concept "GAP" that he shared with us. Sometimes in life, we should take a GAP before we continue. Gap here means take time of in making the right decision. Do not rush things.

After lunch, we had our 2nd session on skills training. I went for the Personal Effectiveness class. Nothing really new here. Most of its contents are like a wake-up call for me. I should not procrastinate!

Next, our Big Rock Part 1! 10 topics were flashed on the screen and each team leader has to bid for their own topic. Our leader Suezy bid for Child Exploitation. in 70 minutes, we have to do our research and come out with information to showcase our topic.

Initially, our team was quite kelam kabut. Everyone was doing the same thing and some don't even have things to do. However, after 10 minutes, we settled down and divided ourselves into different groups in charged of different things. I thank God that we managed to pull through this. Give ourself a Big Clap!

After dinner, it was Valentines Eve Night. We had something called "Speed Dating". Every 8 minutes we have to talk to someone the opposite sex. I felt kinda awkward at first but after awhile it wasn't too bad talking to a stranger. I made many new friends that night. Tiring night but I'm looking forward to Day 3!