Upon my arrival, I was greeted by energetic and hyperactive AIESECers doing their roll calls and singing Happy Birthdays. At about 9 am, some MCs came out of the plenary hall and invited us into the hall with welcoming arms and greetings. As soon as we enter the hall, it was pitch black and we were greeted by loud music and cheers by the Facis and MCs. Everyone was cheering to the beat of the music. The opening plenary really surprised me but it was awesome! Then, the Chair, Brandon introduced himself and the facis to us. We then played ice breakers by finding people with the same shoe color and same birth month! After that, we were separated into our groups that stayed throughout the conference.

My group name is DREAMERS!

They were one AWESOME team :)

Our first TED talk is on the topic Leadership. Here are some questions to ask yourself.

  1. Do leaders need to be born into certain families?
  2. Do leaders need to be charismatic?
  3. Do leaders need to speak well?
  4. Do leaders need to be of higher IQ?
  5. Do leaders come from the best schools?
  6. Do leaders have the most certifications?
Up for you to decided whether those questions are a Yes or No. "Just do it!" This phrase alone caught my attention. Having the leadership potential is nothing if you don't take action to improve yourself.

After lunch, we were introduced to team building games. Though tiring but we had fun! Unfortunately, it rained near the end and we had to stop. Our team didn't manage to complete all the 10 stations. The last station was in the plenary hall. We were supposed to make a tower using only toothpicks and chezels without any form of verbal communication. Challenging eh!

Fast forward to after dinner. Choi San in the house! Kar Teck disguised himself as Prosperity God and gave out Angpaos which are made out of Seed Bucks and Badges. I think this is where we got so many Seed Bucks. :)

It was a tiring day and I hope Day 2 would be more awesome! :)