Faisal Cup 2011 is organized yearly by Harvest Training Center to provide the opportunity for underprivileged children to get involved in Sports such as football for boys and netball for girls. This annual event was held for 3 consecutive weekends. Different refugees center participated in this big event and made it a success!

Going under Be_ADP club, which was supervised by Mr. Eugene, our very own Vice President for Corporate Social Responsibility, I had this opportunity to meet so many hyperactive kids with the strong determination to strive hard for their own refugee centers.

I'm pretty tired that day, having to wake up so early in the morning for this once in a year Faisal Cup. Being chosen as the leader for Football Field Coordinator and Score Keeper, I was busy throughout the whole game, running from one field to another field and checking whether everything is going all right. I'm lucky that i came for the last day of Faisal Cup and got to witnessed the closing ceremony. The kids were all overflowing with joy and happiness when their team names were called to receive their medals and trophies.

Though tired and weary, I got to know many new friends at the end of the day. It was the friendship i gained throughout the whole event deemed the most memorable moment for me.

Ps. I was 2 shades darker after the event :P Oh well the experience i get is worth it :)

Waving the flag :)


Met Eugene's sister, Patricia Goh!


Carrying the Goal Post @_@


Look at the medals and trophies!