Jamin. Kavi. David. Vanny. Me. :)
It was quite a last minute thing for us to come together and go skating at Sunway Pyramid. Best skater goes to Kavi. Fastest new learner goes to Vanny. Before heading to the skating ring, we bought doughnuts from J-Co. Then it took us nearly half an hour putting on our gloves and skates. It has been 3-4 years plus since i last skated i think. Took me quite awhile to warm up on the ice. The best part during skating for me is after falling, despite being drenched, I continued skating without giving up.
At 9 pm, we drove back to campus and dropped Kavi off and the four of us left for SS15 and had a great dinner in Ayam Penyet. The chicken was a little dry but overall it was delicious. Vanny called Edwin along to join us too. So long I haven't seen Edwin around. Nice bonding time for all of us. :)