Day 3:

Visited Taipei Zoo! It's World class. :)
On the way to the zoo


 Entrance of the Zoo
 Map of the Zoo
 It was hot and raining -.-
 The pandas are shoo cute!
Visiting the Pandas
 Kiss kiss
 Say HI
 Land of Pandas!
 My brother and panda
People said they go to Taipei Zoo for the pandas. But I say it's a waste of time. We went in and only see 2 pandas at that time. And all of them were sleeping -.- What a waste of time going in! 
Next stop: Nocturnal House. The photos taken were not so clear as it's dark inside and no flash is allowed. Not many photos cause it's too dark.
 Front view of the Owl.
Some kind of rabbit
Squirrel i think
 Owl again
Guinea pig. Cute right? :)
2 blind mice?
Sword fish!
It's bright and sunny again. My eyes needed quite some while to be adjusted after spending an hour in the dark.
Malayan Tapir!
Posing like other animals
Black and white stripes butt. Can you guess?
 Don't eat me!
Used to have a problem spelling this word. :)
 Can you spot the monkey?
 King Fisher
Bear sleeping
Another bear
After walking for 2 hours under the Sun. Time to go in the Igloo for some chilled air! :) Penguins are so cute. We walked from the exit to the entrance. That's why pictures of souvenir shop comes first.
 These are the real penguins
The penguins are statues by the way
Moving on we have reptiles!
 Monkey cup
 Why you squashing the turtle?
Birds! They were all caged up :'( Where is the freedom?
 Flamingoes again
Fabel Castle Parrot HAHA
 Another type of bird which I don't know its names
My legs were sore and numb after walking non-stop for 4 hours in the zoo. I don't like when the weather is like raining non-stop the whole day! It dampens my mood :'(
In the Souvenir shop, there's a flush toy for all the animals. :)
 Sheeep BAHHH...
 Look at my sunnies! :D Lady bug look-alike.
 Say AHHH! X)
Rocks and stones and gems
 Sweaty and hot looks
Bye bye Taipei Zoo :D
Next stop: Taipei 101 tower! Taiwan's tallest standing tower. But before that we stopped at a shopping centre for lunch + dinner. We didn't eat anything the whole till 4 pm. Stomach was groaning.


This shop's matcha ice cream was awesome! I really love it! <3



37 Seconds to the 89th floor. How fast is that?

City view from Taipei 101



Look at the lights

Mascot for Taipei 101





Taipei 101