Being part of the OC team for LLDS was indeed a blessing for me. Never in my life I had this opportunity to learn and grow together. Joining AIESEC was a life changing experience for me. Being in Talent Management Department, I had the opportunity to organize different events and also tracking of members. All in all it helps me to shape the person I am today. 3 days 2 nights at Port Dickson with the AIESECers was an epic-ly awesome moment for me. Weeeeee!~ I had a great time working with David Nge, Vanessa, Jamin and Zhen Hao before, during and after LLDS.

The OCs. David not here! :(

Before LLDS, I was put in charged of marketing and also the 'Caption It' competition. If i were to rate my performance on the scale of 1-10 I would give myself a 5. Simply because I have so much room for improvement. The competition was launched 2 weeks before LLDS and the outcome wasn't that great. Maybe because I was not hyping it enough. I was away for a week in Taiwan and was unable to track the competition. If I were to turn back the clock, what I will do is:

  • To monitor the competition 24/7.
  • Encourage AIESECers to post their captions.
  • Maybe I can come up with a few captions myself to start the ball rolling.
  • And also keep their suspends for the mystery gift.
During LLDS,  I kinda regret for not skipping class and going late for LLDS. I missed out a lot of sessions on the first day. Hopefully this will not happen again. Not a good example to set as an OC.  After a session by Joshua about team formation, it was closing plenary time. And guess what? I was punished of using Styrofoam to eat my dinner last night. We were suppose to use our own Tupperwares. Then it was social agenda time where all the OCs were introduced. David then briefed about the sugar cubes and our secret friend.

Sugar cubes :)
Someone's secret friend is sho sweet! xD

Oh wait before i forget! Allow me to introduce you the facilitators. *DRUMROLLS* JENG JENG JENG

Tina, the Chair.


Joshua, the Punisher


Geraldine, the Bunny


Amanda, the FairyGod mother

I like the agenda on the second day. We started off with square dances, gossips and punishments.

Gossip :/

According to the gossip, ZhenHao was blushing while he was talking to us both. o___O

AIESECers Square dancing!

After that, our first session was by Tina. We played the Derdians in which we are broken up into two groups, The Derdians and The Engineers. I was a Derdian. :) The story goes like this. We live in a country called Derdia. The village we live in was separated from the next city where the market place is. It will take us 2 days to reach the market. In order to make our lives easier, we have to build a bridge across. So the Derdians made a deal ����� ����������������������with a foreign film to build a bridge.

Our culture:

  • The Derdians communicate by touching each other. Not being in contact with someone is considered rude.
  • Our traditional greeting is a kiss on the shoulder
  • Derdians don't use the word "NO". They will always say "YES" although they mean no.
  • Our tools are gender specific, scissors are for males to use only, pen and ruler are for females and glue is neutral.
  • A Derdian man will never get in contact with another man unless he is introduced by a woman
So the game started and the engineers came and build a bridge for the Derdians.



Engineers working hard yo!


The Derdians and engineers were trying to communicate


The Strong Bridge built by the engineers :D


Completion of Bridge!

It was an interesting and unique game that teaches intercultural differences that we should respect.What I learned from this game:
  • We always have the tendency to interpret things right away without being aware of the differences in the culture behavior.
  • Working with people of different cultures will not be an obstacle for us
  • In order for the engineers to work together with the Derdians, they have to overcome the culture differences
  • In the context of AIESEC, we will have to meet and work with people of different culture and background. This simulation taught us how we could overcome these differences and work together :)
Next, we had a "Win as much as you can" activity by Tina. We were divided into 4 teams and each team had two cards "X" and "Y". The objective of the game is to win as much as you can. A leader was chosen in each team. In 1 minute, members in the team will discuss whether to choose X or Y. Another 1 minute, the leader will then meet up with all the leaders in the other teams to discuss whether to pick X or Y. Each leader will then again discuss with the team members to finalize their decisions.
Our results. My team was G3.

������I noticed that if you always pick X you are always safe whereas if you pick Y you are always at risk unless all the teams pick Y together. At the start, Charlie, my team leader trusted everyone and asked everyone to put Y together. But it turned out that every team betrayed her and put X. So we lost 3 points there. Same goes to the 2nd round. Charlie was boiling after that! And at the 3rd round, we decided to to cheat them and put X instead. In the month of June, we sort of collaborated with Ben Jie's team and put Y. At last 3 teams collaborated except for 1 team. It was hard to convince their team to pick Y because no matter what they will stick with X all the way.

To me, this game clearly wants to highlight the word TRUST. We have to trust one another in our daily lives when making decisions. I also learned trust can be easily broken and eroded. Trust is so important in everyone's life, if you don't trust your team member, how can you work together? I learned the importance of trust in relationships, in teams, within a team and with other teams. At the start, in mind was We have to win! Nah just let the other teams lose. But as the game progresses on, I felt that we should win together as one, that all teams should collaborate. :D



������ Next up we have LC Simulation by Geraldine. I love this simulation. It was the Best activity throughout the whole LLDS for me. This activity teaches us how the whole LC works in various departments. I got to learn different departments better. We were given 20 days. (1 day = 3 minutes) to achieve a sustainable LC.

Everyone in the team were given roles of different departments namely, LCP, VP Communications, VP Talent Management, VP Finance, VP Project Management, VP OGX, VP Youth Development. At the start, we have 500 AIESEC dollars and 3 members. For most of the departments, we have to have promotion in order to proceed. Communication Department will always have to go first to trade for promotion. Then, the Talent Management Department will get the promotion to trade for members. In the first round, we only managed to get 2 members, 200 AIESEC dollars and 1 intern.

Later, the game was run a 2nd round with only 10 days, this time we have to set a goal for our LC. Our goal is 500 AIESEC dollars, 3 members and 2 interns. My team was glad that we achieved 700 AIESEC dollars, 3 members and 1 intern. Just short of 1 more intern to achieve our goal! We were all exhausted after this simulation. ����� It's time for team building games! :D I didn't take any pictures here as i was too busy filling up water balloons. We filled 100 balloons in 2 hours! *Hard work yo! While the OCs were filling up water balloons, the delegates played a game that requires good communication skills. A picture was drawn, a member will then take a look at the picture and pass the message on the another member and it goes on until it reaches the draw-er. Next, all of us headed to the beach for a War game. 2 opposing teams will try to destroy each other's "castle". Basically, we were divided into attackers to throw balloons, builders to build the castle and defenders to defend our fought. Everyone enjoyed it to the max!

After dinner, we had sculling! :) our AIESEC tradition! It's basically a drinking competition. Ingredients such as gassy drinks, milk tea powder and peanut butter were mixed up in a jar for the sculling competition. *Sounds gross right? :P

Preparing for Sculling!

Two teams of 4 members will compete against each other to see which side finishes first.

Here's a video of sculling!

After sculling, we had another session by Geraldine on family conflicts. It teaches us how to see the values in people. We were given a situation and we had to find what values the characters have. 2 teams were then given the opportunity to role play and the other delegates will try to guess what values each character has.


����������������������������������������SCREAMMMSSS.... Something happened upstairs. Joshua called all of us up and we saw Geraldine was murdered! It's Night Stalk time! It's like a detective game, we have to find out who murdered her through the actors and actresses acting. Most of the actors/ actresses were just trying to confuse us. At last, it was the Bibit (The Maid) who killed Geraldine.

On the third and final day, in the morning we did square dances again. Then, it was punishment time. A lot of the delegates were punished for not wearing their name tags. They did the clock punishment. I don't really know how to explain it here. After that, Kavi shared her amazing AIESEC experience with us. Lastly, it was sharing session. Many shared their feelings and what they had learned throughout LLDS. People like me was writing last minute sugar cubes! At around 3pm, we packed and headed back to campus. It was indeed a wonderful experience for me being a delegate and as an OC at the same time.

����������������������������������Videos I took.


The Name Game we play. GIVE ME TEMPO READY GO!


We draw on legs!


My Lips Like Sugar Square Dance


Roll Call for F4M3

[youtube]Roll Call for Random Nerds

[youtube]Roll Call for Harmonica

[youtube]Facis Roll Call

[youtube]Coin Punishment

[youtube] Clock Punishment

[youtube]The Derdians! HAHA

[youtube]The Derdians & The Engineers

[youtube]Energizer by rabbit!

ROLE PLAY [youtube]